Emerald Umrah Package Family Trip Starting Date: 05th Mar, 2024

Jeddah Airport - Makkah - Madinah - Jeddah Airport

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Your Umrah Flights

02:40 ISB

06:25 JED
06:00 JED

00:55 ISB


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Tuesday, 05, Mar

Jeddah Airport Jeddah Airport

No Stops

M MIllennium Hotel Makkah (Shuttle Services) Mecca

Sunday, 10, Mar

M MIllennium Hotel Makkah (Shuttle Services) Mecca

No Stops

Grand Zowar Hotel Medina

Thursday, 14, Mar

Grand Zowar Hotel Medina

No Stops

Jeddah Airport Jeddah Airport

Mecca 1st Visit

From Haram 1600m

M MIllennium Hotel Makkah (Shuttle Services)

1600 m From Haram , Mecca, Kudayi

  • No Meal
Very Good 8,857 reviews 9.3

Tuesday, 05th Mar
Sunday, 10th Mar

Ziarat In Mecca
  • Makkah Ziyarat
Popular Facilities in M MIllennium Hotel Makkah (Shuttle Services)
  • Free WiFi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom

Medina 1st Visit

From Haram 400m

Grand Zowar Hotel

6556, Al Manakhah, 2130 سلمان الفارسي، 6556, Arab Saudi, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia , Medina, Markazia (Shomalia)

  • No Meal
Very Good 8,857 reviews 9.3

Sunday, 10th Mar
Thursday, 14th Mar

Ziarat In Medina
  • Medina Ziyarat
Popular Facilities in Grand Zowar Hotel
  • Free WiFi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry
  • Living Area

Visa Information SaudiArabia

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